Happy New Year, Reflections & Goals

Happy New year to all of you, and I hope you all had a good festive season and had a chance to relax. I hope you all have a blessed 2019 and you achieve all your goals for the year ahead.

Today’s post is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. It’s quite long so grab a cuppa.

I was watching a video on YouTube by The Frugal Crafter, Lindsay Weirich, called ‘Things that irk me about card making‘. In this video Lindsay discusses the pressure we sometimes feel as crafters, card markers (or whatever your passion is) to follow trends, buy new products, spending money we don’t really have.

I consider myself an amateur crafter, I would like to be able to develop my skills to become more professional. I can sometimes feel overwhelmed, which leaves me not enthusiastic to do anything, then have a small mountain of supplies that I haven’t and probably won’t use.

With Instagram and Facebook and all the other social media platforms, we see so many creatives showing their work, which can inspire us but can unintentionally have the opposite effect. With all of the companies, new and existing – stocking new products each month it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed and feel compelled to ‘need’ everything and then never use it- so we feel guilty.

I personally love flowers and have many stamp sets from Altenew, who have the most amazing sets. A lot of my stamp collection is made up of their flower layering sets.

I sometimes feel like I have lost out, when I have not been able to buy products from new releases we come across- even though some of the products do not fit our own styles. It can sometimes feel like we are being unfair. There are companies who products I seem to gravitate towards more, who are a better ‘fit’ for my style. Im sure I’m not alone in feeling like this. I want to be able to support them, so I can keep crafting?

I live in the UK, so this feeling may not be as bad as other countries around the world, such as USA. However, the crafting community is growing on this side of the pond too. There are many companies, new and old who have served the community with all our supply needs.

I started card making because I was looking for a hobby that would allow me to share my work with the crafting community, family and friends to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Living with a disability, can be hard on the best of days and so I have had many ideas about how I could use my craft to support myself better financially. I work part-time, which can make finding the energy to craft difficult too. It is very easy to become overwhelmed by the work involved.

Towards the end of last year, it became too much, all of my enthusiasm for it had gone. When I tried to push myself, nothing worked, I kept making mistakes and wasn’t happy with anything I made. So I stopped making cards, I like to knit as well- I stopped doing that.

I decided to spend time with my supplies- organising, cleaning, recycling (lots of patterned paper), knowing what I have- anyone bought duplicate stamp sets?🙋🏾‍♀️

I have only really been crafting since 2014 and my stash is not very big, but its big enough for me at the moment. There will be a time when I will have to purge them. I don’t have a dedicated craft room, its just not possible, which has helped somewhat to keep the stash down.

So, enough boring stuff.

It is a new year with the opportunity to re-focus, new opportunities to discover and the chance to re-discover what made me want to craft in the first place.

One of my goals, is to use what I have, look at it with fresh eyes, relax and not take it too seriously. When new releases come out, I will do my best to only buy what I know I will use and not feel guilty about those I don’t buy, even if they are on sale 😉

I want to enjoy my craft, and be happy doing it. Don’t do anything that will make you miserable, just to keep up with everyone else.

Thank you for sticking with me to the end, if you made it here.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave me a comment.

Join me again soon, for my first card project of the year!

Veronique 💜


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